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  • Can you add an image, video or gif to the FAQ?
    Possibly. To add a media file: Open the application settings. Click on «Manage FAQ» Создайте или программы вопрос, в коротье хорошей одного медиафайл. When editing an answer, click the video, image or gif icon. Add the media file from the library and save it.
  • How to add questions and answers?
    Чтобы добавлен с ответами на вопросы: Нажмите бкуксо «Настройти FAQ». In the site management panel, click «Add» and select «Question and answer». Each new pair of questions must be assigned a category. Save and publish. You can always edit questions and answers, change their order or assign other categories to them.
  • How to edit or remove the title of the FAQ section?
    It is possible to edit the title on the «Settings» tab of the application. If you do not want the title to be displayed, deactivate the «Text of the title» checkbox in the «Show» section.
  • What is the FAQ section?
    The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section helps to find answers to the most frequently asked questions about your business or company, such as "Where do you deliver?", "When do you open?" or "Как можно онлайн услугу?". This section is an excellent way to help visitors navigate the site and even improve SEO.
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