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FlopArt self-made painting – is a unique opportunity for those, who would like to impress and give an outstanding and original gift to friends or family! That will be a lifetime memory. Suits all ages.

No automation or any kind of software is used during the creation process. Everything is man-made and hand painted by our skilful and impressive artists.

FlopArt is a fantastic opportunity to create a stylish painting using some modern technology. Choosing a colour spectrum, You will become a creator of a tailored portrait and give the gift of emotion to gain tremendous success.

This inexpensive and outstanding gift will be adored by everyone, and will become a stylish object of interior which will be much loved for a lifetime.

What wonderful painting will Your picture make?

Please don’t forget to tag us and your portraits in social networks with the hashtags #flopart, and see what others are up to!
70х100 1.jpg



Choose an image You would like to see on the FlopArt painting. Send it to us with your choice of 5 selected colours and desired size. Then you will have to approve the sketch.  Pay for it. In 2 days you will receive your full kit with manual. Get painting!

You can paint it yourself and unleash a true artist in you!

Paint it with your family for your loved ones!

Host a painting party. The process is exciting and will get everybody involved.

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